Testing and Repair of Overhead Garage Door

Testing and Repair of Overhead Garage Door

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A garage door opens manually or electronically.

Through constant use or some mechanical failure, it can fail to open smoothly. It can be quite heavy due to its construction. If you notice that the door is not functioning like before, do a visual check to see if you can identify where the problem is located.  Do not attempt to do the garage door repair yourself if you are not qualified. Testing and Repair of Overhead Garage Door

There are common problems in overhead garage doors that will clue you in on the problem and identify them which can help a garage door service provider when he comes to check on the door that is malfunctioning.

  •     The spring. The spring is the most overworked part. It can get metal fatigue from long use, leading to the spring breaking. It may prove difficult to impossible for the door to your garage to close if this happens. This could need adjustment and some cases, might have to be replaced. 
  •     The adjustment. For some reason the door could be difficult to open or close. This problem could be caused by the door getting misaligned. See if you can put it back into position. If it is imperative that it be repaired immediately, an emergency garage door company could help.
  •     The rollers. While the springs lift the door, the movement is facilitated by the tracks where the rollers pass. The moving rollers can also get stuck or even break. It might just need lubrication if the door is difficult to life or the rollers themselves need to be replaced.
  •     The hinges. Door panels move independently because of garage door hinges. These parts are also prone to rust, breakage and seizing up. If the problem could not be solved by lubrication, see if you can find the location where the door gets stuck while you try to open it. The build-up of rust might be reason, so see if scraping the rust off and oiling the part helps. If a break on the hinges is the problem, you need help to fix it
  •     The door opener. It just takes a push on a button to lift the heavy door, the function of an electronic door opener, which is a great convenience. If it is not working as expected, there might be something wrong with the motor, or the opener itself. Or it could one of the other problems listed here. List the problems you have observed but do not attempt to do the overhead garage door opener repair yourself unless you have home repair experience.

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